IT is for FREE

Our Service Pledge: weloveIT know that there are “problems” and there are “PROBLEMS!!!!”. As most IT related queries are solved in 15min or less, our billing policy is, if we can fix it in under 5min – it’s FREE. *WE ONLY EVER BILL IN 15min INCREMENTS. Telephone and Remote Support – R350/hr and billed in … Continue Reading

Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Hosting from Microsoft Exchange, What is it? Hosted Exchange business Email solutions make it possible for you to work anywhere, at any time. Access all your Emails, contacts, schedules and more through your desktop, web browser, iPhone and Windows mobile completely synchronised in real time. Co-ordinate & streamline your work flow with … Continue Reading

Nala the IT dog

One of two four-legged colleagues at weloveIT “I love delta park” – Nala