Internet Prices that are Priceless

Everyone does ADSL these days but we do GREAT adsl. We leverage between all the major service providers to find a balance between Stability, Speed and Price. We know you can get it cheap but can you get it good?       Package Included? Price Inc Vat MTN Mobile 3G/LTE DATA 1GB 70.00 MTN … Continue Reading

3G for ME, 3G for YOU!

weloveIT has been shopping around for 3G/LTE packages to suit everyone MTN Mobile Data Packages (oh, and the data rolls over for 3 months) Data Package Free Data* Price Ex AX – MOBILE TOP UP 1GB 117.00 AX – MOBILE TOP UP 2GB 220.00 AX – MOBILE TOP UP 4GB 413.00 AX – MOBILE TOP UP … Continue Reading

Fibre to Home Installation – Start to Finish

There are three basic steps in providing FTTH services: building a backbone network, installing fibre to each block, and connecting homes to the fibre network. Backbone network – The backbone network is typically a fibre ring which feeds the fibre from a distribution node to every block. Fibre in each block – After the backbone … Continue Reading