How to deal with trolls (cyber bullying)

Cyber bullying or harassment, often referred to as trolling, is when negative posts or comments are made online with the intention to offend, defame, threaten or insult someone. This is something which is on the rise because of how easy it is to post or comment online and the belief of lack of consequence because … Continue Reading

How Car Jamming Works

Car remote jamming is the latest crime trend in South Africa. It is an easy attack that would-be thieves use to prevent drivers from locking their vehicles in parking lots. While this relies on victims not noticing their car didn’t lock, in our busy society it is not hard to find a victim who is not … Continue Reading

London- The Marshall Smartphone

Marshall (as in guitar amps and headphones) has leaked plans diversify their range of products and produce a smartphone called London. One look at this phone, with it’s rock star retro design and classic Marshall guitar amp texture, has already placed it on the top of our wish list before we have even found out … Continue Reading

This Week’s Specials

You won’t find a better price for these great gadgets elsewhere. This week we have on offer… The Kingston Datatraveler Rugged 32GB USB3 Flash Drive Kingston DTR30G2/32GB Datatraveler R30G2 – usb3.0 ( Usb2.0 backwards compatible ) , 32Gb flash drive , rubber housing for shock protection , read: 120mb , write: 45mb/sec , 56x22x9mm , … Continue Reading

We Love Pluto

New Horizons blasted off in January 2006, with speeds faster than 36,000 miles per hour. The spacecraft passed the Moon after just nine hours and reached Jupiter the following year. It took only three minutes to cross the diameter of Pluto. The first images beamed back show that, at 2,370km (1,473 miles) in diameter, Pluto … Continue Reading

Top 10 Tech Movies Of All Time

We love IT and movies too! Here is our list of favourite tech movies, in no particular order, which we love for their special effects, predictions of technology before their time and super awesome gadgets! 1. TRON: Legacy When the original TRON was released in 1982, it was a breakthrough not only in how computers … Continue Reading

It’s a trap! Online Scams

As we move further into a world of online shopping, banking, advertising and well… just about online everything really, we need to stay alert to the presence of online criminals as well. Some scams are easy to spot while other are highly sophisticated. Online criminals are educated, tech savvy and are using their knowledge combined … Continue Reading