Google to Stop Flash Support

Google has recently revealed its plans to phase out support for Adobe’s Flash Player in its Chrome browser for all but a handful of websites. And the company expects the changes to roll out by the fourth quarter of 2016. While it says Flash might have “historically” been a good way to present rich media […]

You Can Now Track Your Family with Uber in Real Time

Uber has introduced a new safety feature that allows a family member to track where you’re going. Now when you’re using Uber’s Family Profile feature, the family account’s creator will receive a notification as soon as you start a trip; tapping it will bring them to a map inside the Uber app, showing where your […]

Install, Upgrade, & Activate Windows 10, the Clock is Ticking

Microsoft last week announced that Windows 10 was now running on 300 million PCs and reminded customers that its free upgrade offer would end July 29. After that date, the price to upgrade to Windows 10 could cost you anything between R2000 and R4500 depending on the version and exchange rate at the time. It’s […]

GoPro Hero 4 vs. Generic NoPro Action Cameras

Dear Adrian, Thank you again for the action cam’s, we now call them the NoPRO’s around the office. You asked that I give you my feedback once we had put them through the paces, so here is a side by side review against the formidable GoPro H4. KEY: (left – Ultra HD4k LINK; Middle – SJ9000 […]