What is The Free IT Assessment?

The free technology assessment from weloveIT is a thorough system check and diagnosis of your current technology systems and entire IT infrastructure to help your business prevent possible data security threats, ensure compliance with laws and policies, as well as help with strategic planning for the future. Free IT assessment from weloveIT is backed by […]

Looking for a Virtual CIO?

Many companies find that bringing on a CIO is not feasible and instead the responsibilities that would typically be assigned to a CIO find their way to the CEO or CFO’s plate. These tasks often include assessing and reviewing the strength of current systems and disaster recovery plans and developing budgets for future IT expenditures. […]

Microsoft Fixes 50 Different Security Flaws in Latest Security Update

Windows is well-known for being very susceptible to viruses, with Mac OS taking second place (sorry Mac users but that rumor about Mac being impervious to viruses is far from the truth). In the constant cat-and-mouse game that is cyber-crime, Microsoft has made a huge move. The global creator of Windows has released a colossal […]

Windows 10 April Update – New Features

Microsoft regularly rolls out new updates. Most of the time these are basic improvements such as bug fixes, security patches and the occasional new feature. This one, however, is much larger than most. One of the most well-received features is the Timeline feature. This is an improvement on the Task View feature (and replaces it). […]