Service Status – ALL GOOD

  • 28/10/2019
  • Sean Sutherland

Current Status: 100% Data Center: GOOD Internet: GOOD Email Exchange: GOOD Web Hosting: GOOD Unifi Network: GOOD GeoOP: GOOD Xero: GOOD VOIP Services : GOOD CALL CENTER: GOOD (av. hold time 15 seconds)

WEL-DATA Our New Data Center

Meet our new Data Center in central Rosebank!! Whether you are looking for a dedicated 99.9% up-time solution or just a disaster recovery site, we can design, setup and ingest. We offer a wide customizable range of hosting solutions – we don’t just put you in a box. With todays internet speeds there really is … Continue Reading

we now love SOLAR power

In light of the recent Eskom power outages we have been forced to find alternative solutions to keeping our systems running 24/7. Solar was the obvious solution so we put our Project Engineer Vidette Kallie to the task. As an IT company we are no stranger to uninterrupted power suppliers, but what do we know … Continue Reading

Collaborative Work Space Network Risks & Implications

  • 03/10/2019
  • Day to Day
  • Sean Sutherland

Collaborative Space With the increase of mobile and remote work forces, many organizations and freelancers are looking for an alternative solution to the traditional and outdated office space, a solution that will reduce their overhead costs, allow for a flexible work space and provide potential networking opportunities. Collaborative work spaces generally offer a stress free … Continue Reading