COVID-19 and

Dear Customers, Suppliers and Friends,

In the coming days as the world prepares for global lock down our team will be 100% functional. We have devised our own strategy to not only socially distance ourselves to protect you and our team but also deliver improved and uninterrupted Remote and Telephone support.

Stay Home Support – Effective 23 March 2020
weloveIT pride ourselves on solving 95% of all support requests via telephone or remote desktop sessions. It only makes sense for us to allow our team to work from home and continue to service and support its customers while staying risk neutral.

Our team will be equipped with high speed internet and battery backup power to ensure they are available and ready to assist.

  • We will be extending our normal support hours to 7am to 5pm Mon-Fri and 8am to 12pm Saturdays.
  • All remote support sessions are recorded for quality and training purposes
  • All telephone calls will be monitored and recorded for quality and training purposes
  • All services will be monitored and addresses with highest priority
  • All onsite support requests will require management approval from both the customer and weloveIT

Do you need assistance setting up your company to work from home? Reach out to to see if you are work from home ready.

We have prepared a list of question and answers to help clear up any concerns but please feel free to reach out to for any further queries.

Q1: How do i get support?
A: Call 0114864151 or Email, a technician will remotely access one or more users to assist.

Q2: We receive scheduled visits, what happens with those?
A: We will block out that technicians schedule to be 100% available during your routine visit slots, the technician will reach out to the organizations point of contact and collect a list of tasks to perform

Q3: Our staff will be working from home, how do they get support?
A: We are equipped to remotely support your staff anywhere, refer to Question 1 for how to get support.

Q4: What happens in the even of an outage?
A: Most outages are internet related, your infrastructure has been documented and monitored via our cloud controller, we will be able to dispatch ISP’s to resolve issues as normal. Should we require onsite presence we will practice social distancing and carry necessary hygiene kits.

Q5: What happens to my SLA of support hours?
A: Your fixed or minimum hours agreement will be converted to a lower rate remote support charge. If you were receiving 15 onsite hours per month, you will simply be receiving 15 remote support hours per month.

Q6: What if the issue cannot be resolved via remote support?
A: You will be charged a call out fee of R600exVAT. This fee covers our risk and additional expenses around travel during this pandemic.

Q7: What about new, existing projects?
A: weloveIT will be expediting the completion of all projects to be completed before 1 April 2020, Any new projects will be assessed on a case by case basis and will require weloveIT management approval. Additional costs may apply where any additional risk is required.

Q8: What is the revised remote support rate?
A: Remote support will be billed at R450/hr and billed in 15min increments. This increase will be in effect from 23 March 2020.

Q9: What if i need a new Service or a Laptop or desktop computer?
A: We will still be taking sales requests, machines will be pre-assembled and delivered via courier. In the event of onsite setup see Question 6 for further details.

Q10: How long will this continue
A: The minute we have clarity from TWHO we will revert back to scheduled onsite visits and continue business as usual.

Word from our Director / Jared Kallie
There is no best practices for this kind of situation, we as a company will strive to do our utmost to ensure your business continues to function and support does not skip a beat. Thank you for your understanding, your patience and patronage”


Dollar Rand Volatility continues
weloveIT would like to bring the current dollar rand figures to light.

As many of our suppliers of hardware and software base their pricing on this ROE there will be a knock on effect.

As of 1 March 2020, all US based software’s/services we supply will increase to the current ROE. This will be adjusted month by month until further notice.

Softwares include, but not limited to:

  • XERO
  • GeoOP
  • Office365
  • DropBOX
  • GoogleDrive
  • OneDrive
  • Box
  • Adobe Creative Cloud

Thank you.


Cyber Security Workshops
 – weloveIT can now conduct 2 modules of cyber security via remote presentation. Module one goes over the basics while module 2 is a more comprehensive workshop aimed at EXCO. The modules are 2hrs each and include a certificate of attendance.

All Inclusive Laptop Rental – weloveIT now have a laptop rental package which includes: i5/i7/i9 Laptop, Windows 10 Operating System, Office 2019 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook), Eset Anti-virus, Enigma Remote Monitoring and Maintenance, Docking Station, 23inch Screen, Laptop Bag, Extra Charger and

UNLIMITED IT SUPPORTStarting @ R799exVAT PM we can deploy and migrate within 24hrs.

Solar & Battery Backup Power – weloveIT has helped many of its clients ensure that it is not affected by the constant loss of power be it due to load shedding or local power interruptions and breakdowns. We offer backup solutions such as UPS, Inverters, and now Solar Power. Our Sales Team is always available with more information on how you can better prepare your organisation.

Device & Update Management – weloveIT has a great tool which allows us to detect issues with your device before they become a critical issue, and often resolve the issue remotely without user intervention. The tool also allows us to control Microsoft and some 3rd Party Updates, giving us the ability to schedule these updates rather than just having them install. If you would like further information please speak to your designated Technician.

Hardware Sales – Amongst our many service offerings, weloveIT can also assist with any hardware procurement and installation within your company, we are partnered with all the major distributors within South Africa and if you have any queries relating to general purchases and/or upgrades please do not hesitate to E-mail our sales team and they will gladly be able to assist with a quotation.