Account Administration

Dear weloveIT Client

As you know, we are constantly striving to improve service delivery and invest in new technology which helps ensure your network and equipment always performs at its best, thus helping you improve your productivity and focus on growing your business.

We are excited to announce that we are rolling out a new remote monitoring and reporting tool to all our clients which will help us better service your business.

Key Features:

  • Proactive monitoring and management of Windows, Mac, Linux and network devices so that we can resolve problems before they become critical and affect you.
  • Behind the scenes automation will allow our technicians to resolve certain issues in the background while you work, no longer having to always take control of your machine.
  • Patch management will allow us to take back control of your Windows Updates and 3rd party applications, to ensure updates are checked beforehand and installed when best suits your business.
  • Antivirus management will now report on the antivirus that you are running, what version all devices are on, if they are up to date, and if there are any threats or concerns that need to be addressed urgently.
  • Business service monitor reports on services that are specific to your business and allow us to better monitor and support them.
  • Backup monitor ensures your backups run successfully and when they do not happen to flag it for immediate attention.
  • Lightweight and fast remote control now allows our technicians to remote onto your machine when you might require it using less resources and data, allowing them to easily support you when you might be running high processes or when in an area with limited bandwidth.
  • Customer reporting will also help us to deliver improved reports to you on a regular basis to help you better understand your network, its devices, and everything that is happening on them.

Q and A

What does this mean in light of your monthly account administration fee?
Subscription customers will be charged a small fee per device on the network. This fee goes toward monitoring and maintaining your equipment autonomously. Where we sometimes only visit customers once or twice a month, we will now have 24/7 visibility of the health state of your devices.

Effective Date?
As of 1 March 2019 we will be rolling this feature out to all of our subscription customers.

What are the costs?
R50 per device per month

What are you currently paying?
Most customers are paying R350 per month, in most cases this fee is in line with our R50 per device fee.

Do yo have any questions?
Reach out to