Active Staff Monitoring Software – ActivTrak

Need to Track Staff’s Web and Productivity in the office?

Ideal for Monitoring Employee or Student Computer Activity

ActivTrak is short for Activity Tracker, and after just a few minutes of evaluation you will see why ActivTrak is the best way to keep track of how your company’s or school’s computers are being used and why ActivTrak is called the “friendly employee monitoring software”.

Tracking Usage Statistics for Applications and Websites

ActivTrak allows managers to keep an eye on how their computers are actually being used. For each workstation, it records statistics on application use and websites visited including window title bar and URL. Depending on the application, the caption will contain the name of the document, the website, the subject of the email or other detailed information on the actual work being done. Thus, tracking the caption provides a highly representative picture of user activity, in terms of both topic and time.


ActivTrak account allows to take one screenshot each time you click on a new window or your webpage is changed in the monitored browser. Paid subscribers have the ability to record continuous, multiple screenshots for a newly activated window. When combined with alarm criteria that targets a specific website or applications, multiple screenshots can be quite useful in tracking activities of interest, such as long instant messenger conversations, social network usage, etc.

Powerful Website Blocking

Blocking allows to deny access to time-wasting websites and social networks with a simple point and click. This outstanding and an easy to use feature keeps concentration on the things that matter in your business. Make sure your employees are staying safe while on company computers and networks.

Invisible Remote Installer for Active Directory

Free Your ActivTrak account comes with a remote installation tool. It will allow you to remotely install ActivTrak Agent on other computers on your Active Directory network. Just install the Remote Installer. Point it to your Agent .msi file that you downloaded earlier. Then point it to one of the computers on your network and press Install. You can also use it to uninstall.