Working from Heights!

Our installations team has qualified to work from heights. Safety foot first we are proud to call out team high flyers!

Enterprise WIFI at home

Did you know we can revamp your home network to be just as fast and reliable as your office? You may or may not know this but your traditional home router supplied by your ISP is very insecure and part of the challenges we have in IT is enabling safe work from home solutions for […]

Enterprise VOIP at home

Did you know we can connect your business telephone number (011, 021, 012, 101…. many more) to all of your work from home staff for as little as R85/month? There are no long term contracts and we provide all the features of an enterprise PBX to all of your staffs mobile phones. All calls can […]

Covid-19 Update – Remote Support

Dear Customers, In light of the rapid growing positive covid-19 cases it is our decision to limit our exposure and revert all support to remote support (remote support rates will apply). Any onsite support will require approval from both the customer authorized representative or an internal manager. We appreciate your support and consideration during this […]

Happy LGBTQ Month

We share pride in celebrating LGBTQ month and support the awareness and courage of LGBTQ in the field of IT 🙂

Terms of Service 2021

Company Details Domicilium Citandi et Executandi Standard Terms & Conditions Operating Hours Contact Info Billing Policy Standard Hourly Billing Rates – 01/03/2021 Payment Methods Invoices Payment Terms Prepayment/Retainer Fees Prepayment (New Clients) Other Payment Options Extended Payment Terms Recurring Services Pricing Policy Fixed-Priced Services Hourly Support Emergency Support Online Chat Support Telephone Support Remote Support […]

weloveIT Covid-19 Support Protocol

Dear Customers, In accordance with level 3 regulations weloveIT staff will only perform onsite support on manager approval. Any and all scheduled onsite visits including scheduled maintenance can and will be done remotely using Teamviewer and our Remote Monitoring and Maintenance tools. Technicians will contact you ahead of the scheduled visit and will request access […]

Welcome to 2021 or 2020v2

Wishing all of our customers well as we begin a new year. We hope 2020 version 2.0 is full of bug fixes and new features, less reboots and more performance enhancements, because let’s face it the last year was like a badly programmed video game.

COVID-19 Day 5/21

Ah, what day is it again? Tuesday saw some opportunities in light of projects. As many of our customers are “Essential Service” providers we are bound to keep their services alive and forced into Essential Service status. One of our large customers send an RFP for a new office fit out including: Network Infrastructure, CCTV, […]

COVID-19 Day 4/21

Mixed feedback today. Mondays are usually filled with choas and calamity. Urgent deadlines and critical deliverables seem to have flown out the window. Many customers are feeling the economic and pandemic pressure. Apart from our day to day support work there is an administrative tasks to assist our customers through this. Our support services are […]