Enterprise WIFI at home

Did you know we can revamp your home network to be just as fast and reliable as your office? You may or may not know this but your traditional home router supplied by your ISP is very insecure and part of the challenges we have in IT is enabling safe work from home solutions for … Continue Reading

Enterprise VOIP at home

Did you know we can connect your business telephone number (011, 021, 012, 101…. many more) to all of your work from home staff for as little as R85/month? There are no long term contracts and we provide all the features of an enterprise PBX to all of your staffs mobile phones. All calls can … Continue Reading

WEL-DATA Our New Data Center

Meet our new Data Center in central Rosebank!! Whether you are looking for a dedicated 99.9% up-time solution or just a disaster recovery site, we can design, setup and ingest. We offer a wide customizable range of hosting solutions – we don’t just put you in a box. With todays internet speeds there really is … Continue Reading

A Word on Disaster Recovery

As we prepare to roll our a new service offering “Onsite DR” i would like to take a moment to share some of the reasons why you need to start thinking disaster recovery. ONSITE DR is a rented service from weloveIT. A replica of your live servers is made onto one of our disaster recovery … Continue Reading

What is The Free IT Assessment?

The free technology assessment from weloveIT is a thorough system check and diagnosis of your current technology systems and entire IT infrastructure to help your business prevent possible data security threats, ensure compliance with laws and policies, as well as help with strategic planning for the future. Free IT assessment from weloveIT is backed by … Continue Reading

Looking for a Virtual CIO?

Many companies find that bringing on a CIO is not feasible and instead the responsibilities that would typically be assigned to a CIO find their way to the CEO or CFO’s plate. These tasks often include assessing and reviewing the strength of current systems and disaster recovery plans and developing budgets for future IT expenditures. … Continue Reading