Hourly Support Rate Increase

Dear Customer, After four years of ups and downs weloveIT has maintained the same hourly rates. It is with great consideration that we have elected to increase all of our hourly support rates. We have studied the market and believe our revised rates to be below market related and affordable in any sized business. Maintaining […]

Terms of Service 2020

Contents 2020 Terms of Service. 2 Company Details 2 Domicilium Citandi et Executandi 2 Operating Hours 2 Contact Info. 2 Billing Policy. 6 Standard Hourly Billing Rates – 01/03/2022. 6 Payment Methods. 6 Invoices. 6 Payment Terms. 6 Prepayment/Retainer Fees. 7 Prepayment (New Clients) 7 Other Payment Options. 7 Extended Payment Terms. 7 Recurring Services. […]