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Welcome to our Legal Guide. We strive to provide a service you can trust. Getting legal and compliance right is an important part of that.

Our relationship with you

We believe that plain and understandable terms, policies or legal notices help to ensure a common understanding and are the foundation of a mutually beneficial relationship. People seldom read them, but they are important because they describe the relationship between you and us. Our agreement includes different terms, including our:

Terms of Service

  1. Billing Policy. 6

Standard Hourly Billing Rates – 01/03/2020. 6

Payment Methods. 6

Invoices. 6

Payment Terms. 6

Prepayment/Retainer Fees. 7

Prepayment (New Clients) 7

Other Payment Options. 7

Extended Payment Terms. 7

Recurring Services. 7

Pricing Policy. 8

Fixed-Priced Services. 8

Hourly Support 9

Emergency Support 9

Online Chat Support 9

Telephone Support 9

Remote Support 9

Email Support 10

Written Documentation and Meetings. 10

Estimates. 10

Refund Policy. 11

Billing Errors. 11

Other Reasons. 11

Credit History. 11

Delinquent Accounts. 12

Late Fees. 12

Collection Action. 12

Policy Changes. 12

  1. Follow-Up Policy. 14
  2. Non-disclosure Agreement 15

Non-disclosure Policies. 15

  1. Disclaimer 17
  2. Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) 19

Introduction. 19

The Network. 19

System and Network Security. 20

E-mail Use. 20

Interception. 21

Managing Abuse. 21

Laws and Legislation. 22

Legal Rights. 22

  1. Client Acknowledgement 24

Compliance with the law

We are also committed to complying with all laws and codes (like the ISPA Code) that apply to weloveIT. For example, we take our responsibility to comply with data protection laws (like the GDPR and POPIA) seriously.

We also respect that the law (like PAIA) requires us to give certain people access to information in certain circumstances. We adhere to Hetzners Access to Information Manual (or PAIA Manual) sets out how you can request access.