What is a Firewall? A firewall is a network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and allows or blocks data packets based on security rules. The purpose of the firewall is to act as your own personal bodyguard that checks incoming traffic from external sources in order to block malicious traffic like viruses and hackers. … Continue Reading

Exchange E-mail Setup on the Outlook Android app

This article covers the steps required to successfully set up your personal or work E-mail account on your mobile device by using the Outlook Android app.   Adding an existing Exchange account to the Outlook app   Step 1.  Initially, the Outlook application will need to be installed. Navigate to the Google Play Store , … Continue Reading

Microsoft Exchange® Vs. IMAP Protocols

Within the ever expanding I.T industry it is beneficial to know what services best suit your business model & why they suit your business model. When presented with the options available for your companies E-mail protocols the utilization and integration of Microsoft Exchange & IMAP protocols are likely to be the two you choose between. … Continue Reading

VOIP Call Routing

An organization may require the ability to route incoming calls directly to the relevant departments. To do this you can use several routing methods: IVR – Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipients. If you have ever heard “Welcome to … Continue Reading

VOIP Extension Changes

Often people change seats or employees change so having the ability to change your VOIP extension number or name is important. To do this, you need access to the VOIP phone system and an advanced knowledge of Voice over IP configurations. Reach out to or call 0114864151 for technical assistance.

VOIP Phone Common Problems

Common Problem: Sometimes voip extensions fail to dial out or receive calls. Common Solutions: Reboot the phone Restart the modem/Router If those do no resolve it reach out to or call 0114864151 for technical assistance  

Blind Transfer vs. Attended Transfer

How to transfer calls (the right way) There are 2 kinds of call transfers, Blind and Attended. 1. Blind Transfer  When you are on a call and you want to transfer the call to someone else without first notifying the end point. In an open plan office you may have glanced at a co-worker, they … Continue Reading