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Conference calls anywhere anytime

The QuickStart To Conference calls:

Don’t wait until you’re back in the office to schedule or join your conference call.

How it works:

You can add your colleagues’ extensions or their mobile phone numbers in the Linkus contact list, you can also and contacts that are not part of the Apps contacts list. Once you start your conference call all the invited users will get a call linking the to the conference, users will enter the meeting just by picking up the call.

Manage your Conference calls on the go:

The App put all the features you need to keep your conference calls organized and efficient in your hands.

When the conference is established, the administrator can perform the following tasks:

  • Invite contacts.
  • Re-invite contacts.
  • Mute and Unmute users at any time during the conference.
  • Adding Members during the live conference, removing members during the conference.
  • Resume the conference
  • End the conference

During the conference, members can:

  • Invite contacts to the conference
  • Re-invite contacts with the conference

Let’s make a Conference Call:

Step 1: Opening the Conference Tab.

  • Your conference Tab is at the bottom of the App as shown in the below image.

  • Once it has been opened you will get the following.

  • We can now start the process of creating our conference.
  • Click on the Create conference tab to get started.

Step 2: New Conference

We can now perform the following tasks:

  • Give our Conference a name. By default, it will be called Conference
  • Add the members.

Step 3: Adding the Members.

  • To add your members click on the plus tab.
  • The next popup will take you to your contacts list.
  • You will have the option of selecting the user’s Extension or Mobile.
  • You also select multiple contacts at once.
  • Once you have completed selecting your members, click on the bottom right OK.

Step 4: Start the Conference.

Now we are ready to start the conference. The below image shows all the members that will be part of your conference.


  • All the users that have there Linkus app on all have the green tick.
  • The other two members are currently offline.

Deleting Members:

Below image shows what happens when you click on the Delete tab.

  • All the member of the conference will get an “X”, this gives you the ability to Delete any of the members from the conference.


We have successfully created an on the go conference call out of the office.