Ransomware – Crypto Virus

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Ransomware – Crypto Virus

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Ransomware, What is it and how does it work:

Today I hope to give you a better understanding of Ransomware and how not to become a victim:)

So let’s start with what Ransomware is?

Ransomeware is a type of program created to encrypt your data. When the encryption process has completed the attackers send a ransom demand to you for payment to have your data decrypted.

The attacker also sends you instruction on how to make payment to them using bitcoin. The cost of the ransom payments is not the same across the board.

Let us have a look at how Ransomware has been spread:)

The most commonly known way Ransomware is spread is via email, the email appears to be 100% legitimate.

The email itself is not dangerous but the attachment that it comes with is the issue, The attachment has the malicious software attached to it that runs in the back round without your knowledge.

Ransomware is also delivered via compromised or malicious websites. Some ransomware has even been sent using social media.

Generically ransomware is not a targeted attack on a single person, but rather a “throw the net out and let’s see” approach where attackers get a database of emails or compromised websites and blast out ransomware.

How can you prevent Ransomware:)

There are a few actions that you can take to help limit the risk of a ransomware attack.

  • The most important thing anyone can do is ensure that they have up to date backup and in rotation.
  • Have email spam filler actively monitor your incoming mail.
  • Have Anti-ransomware technology installed to prevent the execution of the ransomware. Install antivirus software, which detects malicious programs like ransomware as they arrive, and whitelisting softwarewhich prevents unauthorized applications from executing in the first place.
  • Have a closer look at emails that you receive and make sure they are from a reliable source if there is any doubt delete the email.
  • Keep your operating system patched and up-to-date to ensure you have fewer vulnerabilities to exploit.
  • Don’t install software or give it administrative privileges unless you know exactly what it is and what it does.


Be safe and always check your emails and the sites that you visit.