Exchange E-mail Setup on the Outlook Android app

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This article covers the steps required to successfully set up your personal or work E-mail account on your mobile device by using the Outlook Android app.

Link to Microsoft Outlook web page.

Microsoft Outlook


Adding an existing Exchange account to the Outlook app


Step 1. 

Initially, the Outlook application will need to be installed. Navigate to the Google Play Store , Open the Outlook application and download it to your mobile device.

  • Once Installed, if this is your first time using the Outlook app on your device, tap the “Get Started” button on the home-screen as per the screenshot below.


Click "Get Started"


  • The Outlook app may detect your existing Google accounts. To add them, tap “Add Account” -> Select “Google Accounts” -> Choose the correct Account & then select “Allow” to give Outlook access to the information it needs to complete the setup.



Adding a new E-mail account to the Outlook app



Step 1. 

  • Select “Add Account” -> Then enter your full E-mail address & tap “Continue”.

Note: some settings will automatically populate based on your domain setup.



Step 2.

  • Enter your E-mail account password and tap the ‘tick’ button in the top right corner. Here you can also add an account description and server name.


Password & Domain

  • If multi-factor authentication is enabled, verify your identity. (Via text message or phone call).


Reach out to or call 0114864151 for any further information required.

Sean Sutherland