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Setup – One Drive

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Getting OneDrive Setup:

If your new to OneDrive this setup guide will get you from start to set up in a few minutes.

The first step in getting OneDrive is getting an account:

Note; If you already have a, or*email address, or an Xbox Live or Skype account, you already have a Microsoft account, and you can use that info to sign in.

Let’s get started with getting you an account:

Step 1:

  • Next step is to click on the Create a Microsoft account TAB.

  • Next Step is to create your email address and password.
  • Here you will click on Get new email address.


  • You can create your email address using you first and last name.
  • Or you can create a unique one.
  • For this guide, I will create mine base on a move Title 🙂

  • Next step is creating your password.
  • Please make your password something that you will remember but at the same time secure.

  • To complete your account setup.
  • Mircosoft needs you to confirm that your not a Robot.

Now we are ready to login into our newly created Mircosoft OneDrive account YES 🙂 

  • After clicking Next you will be redirected to your newly created OneDrive account.
  • From this point, we can use OneDrive without having to sync it to our computer.


We are now going to sync OneDrive to our computer 🙂


  • In the main top tab’s you will see the Desktop TAB.
  • When you select it you will get the option to set up now.

  • Once you select Set up now you will get the next pop up as seen in the below image:
  • You will now click on Open Microsoft OneDrive.

  • Now we need to complete the process of linking the App to our computer.
  • The following step shows what we need to do to complete this.
  • Your email address will already be in place and all you need do is click on Sign in.

  • The next pop up window will need the password for your account, hope you remember it 😉

  • The next few images we only need to click Next, but I would recommend you read what is to offer.

Your OneDrive folder is here: 

Upgrade to Premium:

  • The upgrade can always be done at a later time.
  • For now, click on Not now.

Get to Know your OneDrive:

Share files and folders:

All of your files, ready and on-demand:

Get the Mobile App:

  • This can be done later.

Your OneDrive is ready for you 😉

  • From here you will be redirected to the newly created desktop folder.

OneDrive Desktop folder:


Well done, you have successfully created your OneDrive account and linked it to your desktop.