Live Like The Jetsons

There has never been a better time to be alive if you are a gadget enthusiast. Having a gourmet dinner magically whipped up by a machine in seconds, rocket skating around town or having your own personal robot assistant doesn’t seem too far off when you have a look at these gadgets which have been unveiled in recent months.

1. Genie Private Chef

Genie Jetsons

This gadget is designed to create tasty and healthy, personalized dishes in less than a minute using their “baking pod” technology. Essentially, this will be a Nespresso machine for meals.

The Genie is not yet available for purchase, however the company is currently taking pre-orders.

2. Rocket Skates


Designed by ACTON to strap onto your shoes and start cruising. They run on a rechargeable battery and includes an app to track routes and monitor your battery life.

There are three versions currently available, priced between $499 and $699.

3. Lily Camera Drone

0 jane-jetson

Who needs a selfie stick or a go pro when you can have one of these! Simply throw the device into the air and it will follow your movements, film and take pictures while you go. The Lily Camera Drone films in HD and is also waterproof so it can be used for extreme sports like white water rafting or snow boarding.

The device is currently available for pre-order at $499 and will be released for retail sales in February 2016 at $999.

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