London- The Marshall Smartphone

Marshall (as in guitar amps and headphones) has leaked plans diversify their range of products and produce a smartphone called London. One look at this phone, with it’s rock star retro design and classic Marshall guitar amp texture, has already placed it on the top of our wish list before we have even found out what it can do yet.


Although, of course, we love IT here at WeloveIT, so we have done a little bit of research into the specs of this good looking piece of technology.

This will be a lower end phone with a 4.7-inch, 720p display, 2GB of RAM (16-32 GB storage space), a 2500mAh (removable) battery and a snapdragon 410 processor which means it has LTE. Specs however, are not what Marshall has focused on with this design…


No surprise that Marshall has made this phone all about music. It will have two front facing speakers and two audio outputs (meaning you will be able to plug in two headsets at the same time for music sharing). There will be a dedicated “M” button at the top of the handset for instant access to your music. A retro gold accented scroll wheel on the left side will control volume. The phone will be sold to include a compatible set of Marshall headphones to show off the high quality audio processing inside the phone.





This phone is set to be released later this year. For more info on how to get your hands on one of these, contact WeloveIT today.