Meltdown and Spectre – Solved?

If you read our most recent article you will know about the recent security flaws found in almost every CPU created since 1995. They are horrifically critical – enough to earn (terrifying) nicknames. Of the two vulnerabilities, one (Meltdown) is easily stopped whereas Spectre remains at large. However, Spectre is grinding to a standstill as security specialists around the globe zealously devote themselves to preventing it. What sets it aside from other spyware (viruses that monitor you) is the accuracy and detail it shows, as well as the number of computers affected by it.

If we manage your network, we have already implemented all the latest patches on your access points and other networking devices. However, having the latest patches does not mean you are secure. Not only are there still many vulnerabilities for these devices, but Your personal devices (PCs etc.) may also be vulnerable. Fortunately, a new tool has been released to check if your computer is still vulnerable. You can download the tool here:

This tool covers the latest vulnerabilities discovered, but we will still continue to issue updates (both verbal and digital) to keep you safe. If you would like us to come and do a full sweep of your system we are more than happy to help.

Please remember that tomorrow (January 23rd) Google Chrome will release an update that patches what it can patch. If you wish to find the instructions to do it manually before then and also learn more about these vulnerabilities, you can read our previous article on it.

Also, because it can never be said too often – keep a secure password and don’t click on untrustworthy links. That’s how entire companies are compromised. Also remember to keep backups so that if something does go wrong, you don’t lose everything.

The Inspectre tool used for checking vulnerabilities to Meltdown and Spectre.