Microsoft Flow Gets a Mobile App

Recently Microsoft introduced the world to its online automation service, but now it’s announcing Flow mobile for iOS. If you missed it, the service allows you to join up myriad online apps and services (including Microsoft’s own), For example, it lets your Instagram account magically post pictures, not links, to Twitter, or you could program it to automatically save all your Tweets to a single OneDrive file. Like IFTTT, there’s a whole lot of permutations to try — and now you can test them from your phone.

A mobile edition was one of the biggest requests from its users, letting you start and stop flows direct from your phone, as well as getting real-time notifications for “important events.’ The app also lets you see a detailed run history on your flows, and you can view, even filter, everything you have running through the service, which is good for when one of your internet mash-ups unintentionally crashes.

Microsoft has also upgraded the base service, with more templates to get you started and a single sign-on feature if you’re already using Office. The company promises an Android version will also launch soon — but no word on Windows Mobile.