Online Scams List

We have release the following document to help combat the spike in online scams we have been noticing around town. Please take some time to read and distribute this article among friends, colleagues and staff.

ABSA Rewards scam

Fraudulent emails are being sent to our clients claiming that they should redeem their Absa Rewards of a specific value. Please delete these emails without taking any other action as it is a phishing scam. (Do not download any attachments)

Microsoft refund scam

Fraudsters posing as Microsoft representatives contact the victim, informing them of a supposed security threat for which they have to do a software security update or similar intervention.

Twin SIM scam

Be aware and pay special attention to all messages received from your Network Service Provider regarding Twin SIM functionality.

Absa Online update scam

An email scam is doing the rounds requesting customers to “renew” their Absa Online registration

Porting your number

Watch out for this cellphone scam that enables fraudsters to port your number and gain access to your accounts

SIM Swaps

With the latest spike in SIM swap fraud, make sure you take all the precautions you can to avoid becoming a victim

SARS refund scam warning

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has warned taxpayers to be wary of an email scam using the SARS logo to defraud people.

How to recognize a phishing scam

Don’t be caught out! Find out what you need to look out for to avoid becoming a victim of phishing scams. This video explains what Phishing is, how it is done and how not to fall prey

Phishing Scams

Some criminals will go to amazing lengths to steal your money – but the more aware you are, the less likely it will be that you will fall prey to internet or email phishing scams.

Latest Cellphone Banking Scam

Watch out for this cellphone scam that enables fraudsters to conduct a SIM swop and gain access to your accounts

Vishing Scams

Phone based phishing scams that try to catch you off-guard – voice phishing