Protect Your Company Data While Away This Holiday


For many December is the best time of the year, as it is when many of us get to take leave and be with our loved ones, and although there are very few things better in this world than going away and leaving our day to day activities behind us, many of us forget the importance of protecting our data.

Unfortunately, it’s Murphy’s Law that when we drop our guard something will go wrong. Power Failures, Aircons packing up, Robbers casing your property, Geysers bursting, are a few of the many examples of things that can go wrong; which might put your Server, Computer, and Data at risk.

It’s why we always in December urge people to allow us to come to your company and perform a full system backup of any servers or computers you would hate to have compromised while you’re away. By doing this you can have true peace of mind that no matter what happens while you’re away, we have a backup of your data off site.

So, call us today and book your December Off Site Backup for R495 (excluding Hard Drive) and truly enjoy peace of mind over the holidays.