Top 4 South African Banks – Phishing Scams

We have seen a wide variety of scams and spam mails coming through lately. Here are somethings to look out for from the TOP 5 South African Banks Phishing Scams.

What is the scam? Here is a typical scenario

1. You receive an email requesting you to login to your online banking profile, update you details or view your statement.

2. You are redirected to a website which looks exactly like your banks website with the login field exactly like your banks website

3. You attempt to login but either get an error or a response saying currently unavailable

4. You exit the site and forget about the email or try again later

5. The scammer receives all of those details you filled in, IE username, password, ID number…

6. The scammer accesses your bank account and attempts to empty your account

Examples of the email:

fnbfraud  watch-out-absa-bank-online-crime-2 standard-bank-access-restricted-scamnedbank-scam


Examples of the Websites:

standardbank_scam_website nedbank_scam_website absa_scam_website FNB_scam_website


What to watch out for? Here are typical items

1. Check who the email is from, if the address looks vaguely suspicious, delete it or forward to your bank (details below)

2. EVERY TIME YOU VISIT ONLINE BANKING LOOK FOR THIS: HTTPS its called an SSL Certificate, it is a requirement for all secure online sites



absa_ssl yikes, absa does not have a valid SSL certificate 🙁



How can you report it?

Most banks have their own reporting websites

Standard Bank:
ABSA Bank: Absa Scam Site

Other Scams:

Your mailbox is full – contact administrator – Click here…

Scam Email



Absa- Must Read

Kliënt diens boodskap

Uncleared Amount Of R9200 On Your Online Banking

Absa Tjekrekening Staat - Fooi Afgetrek Aug 2013

Password Reset Confirmation

Sars efiling

[antiphishing-public] URGENT

Final Notice: eFiling Payment Confirmation

Absa Cheque Account Statement - 30 May 2013

Important Message

Your third and Final Notice

NotifyMe! Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Received

Ebanking Message

Your Single Transaction Alert from Absa

NotifyMe Alert

Your Money Has Been Paid

13,000 eBucks Christmas Bonus Reward

Your Short Term Loan Has Been Approved

Cancellation Of Debit Order

NotifyMe Alert

Security Threat Alert

<Alert (Action Required)>

Payment Made From Sars - Validate SARS - eFiling!!

EFT Payment Received




Second Notification - Absa Reward Member


Absa Rewards Members

Your ABSA Internet Banking account has been violated

Banking Service Alert

Login to update your details

We are proud to inform you about the changes in our banking system

Login to Update your Profile

Important Profile Upgrades

Important Banking Message

You have a new Private Message

TVN Discontinued

2012 Free Trend Micro 2012 added to your account

ALERT-Pending Payment Notice

Your Transactions Have Been Put On Hold

Pending Important Notice

A Refund of 700.00 ZAR has been made back to your account


Important Banking Message

Treat As Priority

Payment Confirmation

Ebanking Message

Account Status: Payment Successful

New Reward programme

New Security Notice