Ubiquiti – why we deploy the ultimate wireless solution for businesses

Some devices fit a single purpose, and some devices can do everything the network requires. These jack-of-all-trades devices make a network much simpler to use, everything is just so easily managed in one device. It must be the best option for everyone, right? Wrong.


Although these devices are good for perhaps a 2 bedroom apartment, they do not come close to the requirements for an entire business. Imagine your entire branches network is running off a single device. You can buy a horrifically expensive high-end device that can handle that amount of traffic, but what happens when it breaks? It has no backup to turn to. What if you need to cover multiple floors? One device can’t do that without significant packet loss  – when interference and physical obstruction causes data to be lost whilst travelling between the client and access point.

A typical network

Ubiquiti provides one device for each purpose. If necessary, you can set up devices that transmit wireless signal dozens of kilometres to communicate between different branches. In between your modem that provides internet access and the rest of your local network, you would place a security gateway. This will analyse all traffic going in and out to protect you from hackers.  That will almost always go to a switch, which is basically a series of ports to connect many devices. From there you can connect almost whatever you want – from access points to security cameras. Your entire branch will have coverage and no device will be too strained. Of one device breaks the others will adapt by swiftly switching to a secondary route to the internet.

A Ubiquiti network

Your network is also accessible and remotely managed on a cloud by weloveIT. We have an employee that checks all the networks of our clients before even leaving home to start the work day and reports any network errors to the rest of the company, meaning that if something does go wrong on your network we don’t have to wait for you to report the issue. There’s a chance your company’s network has crashed and we fixed it before you even noticed. We also receive automated e-mails throughout the day telling us every important event on a network – from a device going down to an administrator logging in.

The Dashboard of a site’s network, showing information collected by DPI (Deep Packet Inspection)

Please note: Hackers are constantly finding new ways to break into systems. Ubiquiti is always one of the first manufacturers to protect themselves against these hacks, and as such we perform upgrades on your devices regularly (and remotely) outside of your business hours. This means that if you leave downloads on overnight, you must inform us to ensure that we do not shut it down.

In summary, there is a reason we have been implementing Ubiquiti networks on all of our clients. It is the best solution for businesses and allows us to reliably monitor and maintain your networks from a distance.