URGENT NOTICE – Virus Notice CTB Locker

Notice to All,

As if we didn’t have enough problems in the world.

A virus is sweeping across town which is cause for concern. I would not forward this on if I did not think it was necessary. Microsoft, Apple, Andoid… they are all affected and there is no cure yet.

Please send the following out to all staff, family and friends – this is a critical virus which is impossible to protect against (anti-virus or not), it requires awareness.

Name: CTB Locker or Cripto Locker
Danger Class: 10 out of 10 Ransomware
What the Virus Does: Changes all your files so you can’t open them – EVER
How you get it: Email, Flash Drive or File Sharing (torrents)
Example: You download a file from a fake BANK, Cellphone Provider, Hotmail, GMAIL…

Download-CTB Locker

Then, you try open the file and all of a sudden you get this:

CTB Locker Notice

Slowly it copy’s all your files and changes them so you can’t open them.

• do not open files from people or places you do not know. Do not run/install things without IT approval.
• Your BANK will never send you software via email or link.
• If a link from a BANK or Cellphone company does not have HTTPS:// before the name, DO NOT OPEN/CLICK/INPUT any information
• NB – Operating System Updates and Anti-virus Updates are critical

More Information on CTB Locker or Crypto Locker:




Possible Removal or Recovery – http://soft2secure.com/knowledgebase/ctb-locker