Vidette Kallie – Projects Engineer

Vidette is our very first Projects Engineer. Through gaining work experience as a Process Engineer on projects ranging from small to municipal scale, she knows what it takes for a project to run from proposal to maintenance handover.

We asked Vidette what she thinks of her career move to the Information Industry and this is what she had to say:

The question Engineers love to ponder on is:
Imagine a world without infrastructure.
Imagine a world without electricity, without roads, bridges, air traffic, clean water supply.
More and more that question has become, imagine a world without Internet.
Without telecommunication, smart phones, emails, Google.
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is the latest addition to the Engineered Infrastructure family needed for any community, office or building. Most existing infrastructures are also moving towards improved Technology.
At weloveIT I get to be at the forefront of that movement.
As the Projects Engineer I fill the roll of a Project Manager who can analyse the project from an Engineering perspective and has some insight to the technical side.


Vidette’s Hobbies:

  • Water Sports (Swimming, SUP, Kayaking, Cray fishing, Diving).
  • Mountain biking.
  • Cycling stoker (at the back) with Jared on their Tandem.
  • Hiking or long walks with the whole family (dogs included).



Vidette’s Qualifications:

  • B.Eng – Chemical (University of Pretoria).
  • B.Eng Hons – Water Utilisation Engineering (University of Pretoria).
  • Future plans for formal Project Management studies.



Vidette Kallie