WEL-DATA Our New Data Center

Meet our new Data Center in central Rosebank!!

Whether you are looking for a dedicated 99.9% up-time solution or just a disaster recovery site, we can design, setup and ingest. We offer a wide customizable range of hosting solutions – we don’t just put you in a box. With todays internet speeds there really is no reason to keep your physical server sitting in your filing cabinet. Our hosted environment is monitored by smoke, cctv and access control protocols with diverse connectivity and redundant power. We operate on the HP Proliant Server equipment and only virtualize via Microsoft Hyper-V. All of our servers include FREE Replication.

Everyday we grow by 80gb, we hope to reach 2 Petabytes by the end of 2019

Processing Power – 16 x 16 x 3.0ghz = 768ghz

Storage Capacity – 1.6 Petabytes / 1600 Terabytes / 1600000 Gigabytes

Hosting Offerings:
Virtual Node – 4 Vprocessors, 32gb Ram, 2TB Raid 1 (SSD Options Available) – R2200.00pm
Virtual Cluster – 16 Vprocessors, 128gb Ram, 6TB Raid 1 (SSD Options Available) – R5000.00pm
Dedicated Server – Dual 3ghz Xeon 5, 256gb Ram, 8TB Raid 1 (SSD Options Available) – R6800pm

Hosting Value Added Services:
Dedicated IP Banks – 4, 8, 12, 16 IP’s
Dedicated Firewall – Routing 100mbps – 1gb/s
IP VPN and Site 2 Site VPN – Including Setup and Configuration
Cross Hosting Interconnectivity – 10gb/s
Express Routing for Office365 and Azure integrations