weloveIT – Berg&Bush 2014

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weloveIT - Berg & Bush 2014


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Rated South Africa’s best stage race in 2009 and as the name Descent implies, on Day 1 we plunge 1000’s of meters from the top of the escarpment in the Drakensberg to the valleys of Kwazulu Natal. The start begins AT THE BORDER POST, ontop of Oliviershoek pass on the R74. Sollie Prinsloo, a local farmer has discovered some exhilarating trails among wild protea plantations. Before crossing the KZN border again, we hug the escarpment with its majestic views far below before descending down Bezuidenhout’s Pass, a 6 km pass still used by cattle farmers to move herds of cattle up into the mountains in spring. Passing through many private farms we eventually drop down into the Tugela Valley Bushveld before reaching the banks of the Tugela River via 5 kms of legendary single track known as the Garden of Eden. This is a purpose built track cut through the trees and vegetation of the area. It is designed to blow our minds! Emseni Camp on the banks of the Tugela River provides our overnight stop after an exhilarating day’s riding.

Day 2

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After crossing the tar road we head towards the Spioenkop North shore gate but take a right towards Fanagalo/Funny Galore single track. We take the  world single speed route upwards (This is a Bad Sign) before tackling the new Lantana Hill. We head fast to Belindas Gate in the direction of Spionkop. Next we encounter Grand Canyon, a long singletrack through Gary’s brother Alan, past Easby Lodge and Three Tree Hill lodge  before arriving at the base of Spioenkop. Riders climb its 14 humps to the watering table and are then treated to fast downhills on Princess Margaret, Spoens S Bend, and Skeleton Loop. The old favourite Long Drop pass takes a new twist to the right to include the new Bell Run  before heading home.


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A climb up to Bullers Cross early in the day allows great views of the Drakensberg before an exciting descent down Big Red before joining up with Mikes Pass and its thick bushveld. After conquering this climb follow the edge of Naval Gun Hill with its beautiful views of the Tugela and Mambasa below. Swoop down Puff Adder Pass, zig zag down the rolling Mazambaan and turn right along Mambasa. At the bottom of Kim’s Kak off you have the priveledge of turning left, and crossing at Schietdrift in reverse. Paradise road and Earls camp will be our route again before heading back to the Pannaar dryers,. This year we will go over the steel bridge before returning to Emseni.

weloveIT - Berg & Bush 2014