weloveIT’s New Exchange Server Can Increase Your Business’ Productivity

In this dog-eat-dog world of competition, businesses must do everything they can to stay ahead, and this essentially comes down to productivity. The best way to increase productivity is with collaboration and communication, otherwise what’s the point of having more than one employee?

This is what technology specializes in, and as we all know; colossal strides have been made. E-mail is arguably the most important medium of communication in a company, but an e-mail system called Exchange has taken this collaboration a few steps further.


However, many businesses are still using IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol). So what’s the difference?

IMAP is convenient because the users’ e-mail messages are all stored on a remote server and therefore can be synchronized across multiple devices. Users can also make shared mailboxes to help them collaborate. This also serves as a great backup. However, it only stores received messages on the server and all sent messages are stored locally on the device they were sent from (they are neither backed up nor capable of being shared).

With exchange you can store and share your calendar, tasks, contacts and your co-workers can view them from any device. This makes collaboration a breeze, especially for businesses that often have employees out of the office. By sharing your calendar with your co-workers it is incredibly easy to schedule a meeting for a time when everyone is available.

Exchange even allows you to work offline. You can make use of “Cached Mode” which will store anything you wish to your device so you can reference it without an internet connection. From there you can even do online work that will automatically take effect the next time you connect that device to the internet – e.g. if you’re on an airplane you can send an e-mail that will wait in your outbox until you connect to a WiFi network.




If you would like more information on how Exchange can help your business or how you can upgrade your system, please feel free to speak to your technician today or contact our sales team at sales@weloveit.co.za