Wishing our clients a great 2015!

Welcome back to all our customers!I hope you enjoyed a family filled break or a distraction free strategy period.

There are several key things happening this year which is streamlining business and really bringing South Africa out of the dark ages of technology.

Key Ingredients of 2015:
* ADSL to VDSL – we are seeing our home/home office internet jump 4 x the speeds of the past

* Domain Hosting – yourname.com, yourname.co.za – it takes 15min

* Hosted Exchange Email – Once a service only accessable by big business now affordable enough for home and small business too. From as little as R85/month you can sync your Phone, Laptop, Tablet, TV seamlessly.

* Radio and Fiber Internet – Fiber to the HOME ? what!! yes, Fiber is becoming a tip of the tongue topic around neighbors all over Joburg

* Voice and What it means to South Africa

weloveIT offer a host of Services. We can offer them as individual services or bundle them into a one stop IT Service and Support package

Links to above topics:
ADSL / VDSL / 3G Internet – http://weloveit.co.za/value-add-services/adsl-vdsl/
Domain Hosting – http://weloveit.co.za/value-add-services/domain-hosting/
Hosted Exchange Email – http://weloveit.co.za/value-add-services/hosted-exchange-email/
Radio / Fiber Internet – http://weloveit.co.za/value-add-services/radio-fiber-internet/
VOIP Service – http://weloveit.co.za/value-add-services/voip-service/

I wish you all a successful 2015 full of growth and challenges

Jared Kallie